Friday, September 19, 2008

ma kite!! - a true lov story..

[p.s : all characters nd incidents portray'd in dis story r fictitious..any resemblance 2 any person living or dead, is purely coincidental..]

"You wanna kite sir..??"

I just turn around from the sea view and looked the cute boy, kite seller..

His hands are empty, but with one thin twine tied in his right thumb.. and the twine goes to long height.. and I can view two kites in the sky.. a smaller blue colored one and an a bigger yellow colored one..

which is ur kite dear? I asked to the cute boy.. the blue colored sir, nd it costs 10 RS only sir.. he gave the twine to me.. and I take a 10 rupee note from my purse and give it to him..

well.. I really dont wanna play with the kites, but sometimes it will help him..

I looked back to my kite, its not too much cute, but having a nice look with three long tales.. and looks too small with the height.. and I am started to play wid my new friend.. adjusting the twines wid the attack from the bigger one and da winds..

after 2-3 hours play, really.. really I enjoying her arrival in ma life, and I started loving her.. and as time grows, its goin deeper and stroger.. and I believe myself dat she is most beautiful one I hav ever met.. started pray to god to take care of her life... seems like now she is part of my life in all meaning..

I would sit there on the sea shore for relaxing.. and just lay there with a direct look to my kite.. she is too cute like an angel.. my angel... her tales flying nicely in the wind and it looks like she telling something to me.. May b its her way of talking..

A small piece of her middle tale cut down by the wind and comes down.. I stood up and wait for her gift to me.. it flews slowly in the wind and I started walking its direction and finally I catched it!!

something wrote there in that piece, "I would fly to the moon and back to u if you'll be ______ ", - somthin is missin ther, may be its there in her other portion of the tale.. and off course, I believed that its her wish to me..

"I would be here for you... nd I Love youuuuuuuu toooo", with my maximum volume... everythin are silent for a while, including d sea. and my words goes away from all.. I believe, its da end of waitin ma other part in lyf..

The other, yellowish one flying badly to my kites direction, and I have tried my twines very much, but failed.. nd looks like the bigger yellow one flying in my control.. I have rolled the twines and the yellowish one coming closer to me.. Ohhh.. its not mine.. the kite seller gave me the twine of the yellowish not the one I love all these times... I am shock'd..

I can't hear anything for a while.. and my heart beats goes louder than the sea.. started agreeing the reality.. the smaller bluish is not mine... I love a girl, who can't even remember me...

I wont need you yellowii.. you are not mine.. mine is bluish.. I just threw the twine to the sky.. and started walking from there..

After a few steps, I again looked back to my lover.. the two kites are flying independently.. and in between, a small water mark is getting visible in the sky..ohh.. somthing is gonna happening... its him.. and he looked at me with a pretty smiling face..

I started to sob to sob, and I couldn't stop crying, loosin da heart itself.. and looked up him and said through my tears.. God.. I really love her very much.. I really love her.. I m aware tat its because of som false statements, and I am facing the worst reality ever in my life.. but.. you know very well that, my love is true nd sincere.. atleast please know her tat somebody lov her very much.. sombody pray for her all days.., and this somebody must b ther in her well wishers list in the first bunch itself and wil be ther always..

its really hard for me... the pain goes spreading deeper and harder to my entire body.. and I completely lost my heart, body nd soul...everythinn..

he didn't reply me.. and stays there with a smile for some more time and vanished..

I walked back from the shore with all broken mind but with her gift in my left hand!!

You are missing in my heart.. bluwii... lwayz...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Onam wishes...

"May da colors of pookalam, fill ur lyf wid mor happiness nd joy dan ever..


and yeah, I know thiruvonam was on last day, not today. but I prefer 2 write something today, the 13th. and guess wht makes me happy on nxt 13th???

nothin mor.. it was not much a memorable day this time.. it went as a usual day 4 me.. but I had a nice tym wid ma close frnds, and I hav tasted a new brand(lyk he said, our great hero frm the movie Devasuram, "Nadan Vattum Karikkim vellavum").., but da coconut was a stolen one.. hehe.. yes.. itz amazing... wid the blend of cardamom... I could feel the effect within milli-seconds.. it spreads lyk a jet 2 the whole body.. simply superb!!!.. and thank god.. I didn't lost ma eyes!!!

nywayz.. hope u all had a nice time, on these days.. and once again.. Happy Onam..:)