Saturday, November 15, 2008

I want'd 2 see u!! but its too late whn u come!!

"I want'd 2 see u all... but now its too late whn u come!!!" she sighed sadly..

she took my arms to her arm.. and I felt the warmthness as soon as she touch'd me(heard from some where dat d blood circulation is too fast in old ones).. A soft sweet remember of our past with my grand ma.. They taught me a lot of things.. shared their funny moments from their childhood dayzz.. and they who taught me to live happily alwayz.. unfortunately my grand ma is no more...

I had a trip to her house, last week.. she is my grand ma's sister who is 85+ now.. and I was their favourite pet.. not only because of my qualities, but also because of my parents.. its been 6 years before my last visit.. now she is struggling with bad health.. she can't walk without help.. always in her bed on these days.. and most of all she partially losing her vision, now she can't see the things clearly.. "A faded effect" in her words..

I was pretty happy 2 get a chance to visit her.. but now I too sad after seeing her.. really hard 2 see her on this situation.. who knows how it would be??? how we would be on our last dayz...??

she didn't tell anything more when we leaving ther... but, "I really wanted to see you... but its too late..."

still its here in my ear drums.. still I can see her helpless face!!

with all prayers...