Friday, October 31, 2008

we walkin through d clouds!!!

On the white sands, wid his hand holding.. nd her head on his shoulder..

It was a cow farm, and they walk'd together wid a pretty good smile, without speaking!!.. Her 2 frnds heading their way.. and yes, its summer morning.. birds singing were the background music and d scene was rich with the mist..

while crossing a small drainage, he moved in front of her way and put his feet on the other side, but she not let his hand go!! and den she held on his figure.. both were on two sides and he stretched his body to not leave her hand.. and d mist covered them..(must be a loong shot scene if its from a priyan movie!!)..

hmm.. last day I dreamt her again, "d never seen gal, d never talked gal".. and its ninth(not a rough figure.. I swear, its ninth) within d last 3 months!! and all of them are early morning dreams too!! "Early morning Dream comes true!!" I wanna see this person who said this talk.. hehe..

not sure, it leads to wher??? anywayz.. I m lookin 4 d next one... hehe.. as itz tax free... :D


mahesh said...

yup! I m keep dreamin on dese dayz..

CiNEMA WoRLD said...

saaru puliyayirunnallae ????

CiNEMA WoRLD said...

saaru puliyayirunnallae ????

sarath raj said...

Saru puliyayirunnallae ????