Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dil Chahta Hai!!!

last day, I watched it.. yep.. again.. nd the mor I watch the movie the mor I lyk.. my favorite scenes in d movie is again, the scenes aftr shalini leavin aus.. akash realized the pain of true lov and separation nd he callin his friend sidh, as soon as he knew it.. Farhan akktar really picked life's small things very well, and well-packed!!(hey, dis is not gonna b a review a after 7 years)...

but yes.. truly its a fact dat we can't imagine someone's situation, whn it comes abt a separation from lov or anything elz.. we can't predict someones mindset even if he/she is too close to us.. to be simplify, "Everything is funny until it happen to us"...

It is painful but sometimes we need to let someone go.. Every pain makes us more human. :)

love the songs also very much.. especially tanhayee..

love loving...nd believe in lov.. :)

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mahesh said...

a small post wid lov.. :)